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FIMI GmbH - division of F.I.M.I.
Fabbrica Impianti Macchine Industriali S.p.A.

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The industrial complex located in Hagen over an area of 2.000 sqm, is able to guarantee timeliness and efciency in maintenance and intervention activities in Northern Europe.

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FIMI GmbH is the division of FIMIGroup which operates in the feld of construction, maintenance, revamping, transformation of mechanical groups, steel factories lines, coil processing lines, tube mills and industrial plant for internal handling.

Second-hand or low on production industrial plant can be completely restructured and equipped with  automatism and advanced electronic systems in order to:

» Increase productivity
» Elongation of plant lifetime
» Keeping of liquidity
» Improving of your products’ quality

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    Erzstrasse, 12
    58135 Hagen - Deutschland

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    Phone +49 02331 14353
    Fax +49 02331 25705
    Email : info@fmigmbh.de

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